Looking back 15 years ago now.

“If I say that I do not have money, no experience, and there was no personal connections, this does not make any sense for several reasons. ” I was always using these words although there was no ability.

The allotted time of human life is very limited. If this notion of time and life itself been limited is a sincere belief you hold, I would like to use it on what I sincerely believe in. The answer derived in this paradigm is, Entrepreneurship.

I didn’t have any money, neither experience nor personal connections. The first time I found the will of entrepreneurship it was the internet that had just made the first call. I had the unfounded confidence that “Any company can be made larger easily”

-------- I thought so.

However, due to the lack of human talent, there could be a huge difference between the ideals and reality.

For 365 days during the first year, annual sales were 400,000 yen in which I had to work from morning till night. For the next three years I continued working but only 40 contracts I could have. This was not sufficient enough to sustain the company's growth.

Honestly, I not only wanted to give up and quit, but I also wanted to run away.

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Now I know this.

The suffering I had to go through during those three years taught me the importance of not giving up. The belief and pride I also have in the manufacturing industry were all nurtured during this period.

However, at the time there was no margin that can be objectively viewed on how sales were made. I wanted to quit quickly out of this situation one day and this was due to the disappointment in my lack of ability.

15 years since then.

After a great deal of detour and the side trips we had, I’ve been able to stand at last on the starting point as a manufacturer which had been envisioned at the time of the company’s founding.

We are a company that has been making things until now and we will continue this in the future. We will stick to the original product commitment “Made in Japan” and we are proud to be manufacturers.

20 years ago, I was travelling around the world shouldering a backpack. At that time, the courage and pride that I got while traveling around the world on the impression of the Japanese products cannot be expressed by words. Now is our turn. We want to grow to manufacturers such that young people leaving abroad can boast. blayn inc.
President Shinichi Temmo

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